Server Restarts (Scheduled)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting System - All Servers
  • Servers SINGCLO - MEL and SMX are normally restarted after maintenance at the start of each month. Brief outage my be experienced why this 5 minute proceedure is carried out, normally in the early hours. You can identify which server your hosted account resides in your cPanel. Uptime below indicates uptime for each server since last restart or sheduled maintenance.

    If your server is down or unavailable for a network issue or some other reason, our SMX (Backup Mail Spooler) is a redundancy mail server. Meaning is whilst your server may be down or unavailable. All your mail will go to the SMX 
    (Backup Mail Spooler), when your server becomes available again SMX will send all your mail received to your server to be downloaded by you. We love it!

    Kanga Hosting Technical Support

  • Date - 01/01/2020 07:00
  • Last Updated - 11/04/2020 10:10

Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

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