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Domain Name Forms (6)
Domain Name transfer of registrant forms, some of the most common forms for Domain Name registrations.
Example SEO Reports (3)
Example of reports submitted to you the website owner each month from Kanga Hosting Australia.
Web Design Information (1)
Web Design tips and tricks information from Kanga Hosting Australia

Most Popular Downloads

Example Search Engine Submission Report
The is search engine submission report is emailed to you the website owner. This report gives a detailed report on which search engines your website has been submitted to.
Filesize: 74.3 kB
Example Ranking Report for Keyword Phrases
Example of Monthly ranking report for selected keyword phrases, this report shows you how your keyword placements are going each month on Google and other selected search engines.
Filesize: 42.7 kB
Example Top 10 Ranking Report
This monthly report sent to you the website owner. Reports on how your website is against your Top 10 Competitors for a given search phrase. This document advises you how to change your website to rank higher.
Filesize: 42.7 kB
Transfer Domain Name to Kanga Hosting Australia/TPP Wholesale
Please contact Kanga Hosting Australia to execute the transfer process to a new owner. Cost is $60 the new owner.
Filesize: 4 kB
Domain Name Provider Transfer Form
If you have exhausted all attempts to contact your current Domain Provider regarding the renewal, domain password or management of your domain name, you can transfer your domain to Kanga Hosting Australia. In some cases the transfer will be completed across different registry connections, therefore, your domain name may be renewed for an additional period. Once the transfer has been completed a new username and password will be sent and your new Domain Provider will be able to handle the administration of your domain name.
Filesize: 182 kB