Version Six WHMCS Interface

Greetings Valued Clients, Kanga Hosting has upgraded the billing system look and feel so when you go to your client area will see a completely new looking interface. Please be assured it is still us along with Qclick Web Solutions (my other company) which also appears on the logo. Over the next few months the interface will continue to change as ... Read More »

6th Aug 2015
New Google Algorithm

Greetings,Just wanted to update you on what Google is up to.... The new Google Algorithm will favour responsive sites over all others, giving them a better search rank. Visitors (and search engines) want sites that are friendly to use on small screens such as iPads and iPhones. Sites that require 'pinch & zoom' on mobile devices to access the ... Read More »

28th Apr 2015
Firewall Status

Greetings Valued Clients,The Kanga Hosting Australia firewall acts to protect your site and email from intrusion. However, legitimate users can be blocked after 5 failed login attempts to cpanel, or ftp, or email.The server regards these as intrusion attempts - ie someone trying to gain unauthorised access. Such failures are usually because of ... Read More »

24th Apr 2015
New Postal Address

We have identified a need for our business to move Post Offices.

Please Be advised our new postal addrees is:

Kanga Hosting Australia
PO Box 365 
Dunsborough 6281 
Western Australia

Kanga Hosting Australia Support


9th Jan 2015