Just wanted to update you on what Google is up to....

The new Google Algorithm will favour responsive sites over all others, giving them a better search rank. Visitors (and search engines) want sites that are friendly to use on small screens such as iPads and iPhones. Sites that require 'pinch & zoom' on mobile devices to access the content will soon find themselves in the unfavoured spots on search engines...

It's time you start making your website device-agnostic. This means building a flexible layout, the core of any responsive site, that can adapt the site's content to the viewer's screen size or device. I have added some statisitcal information regarding how mobile phones are being used by the general consumer and the 2 different options available for making your website mobile friendly. All of the websites we develop are responsive, so if you would like to have your Joomla or Wordpress website updated please contact contact.

Current clients can also download more information about this topic in the Dowloads area of the members area. Members must be logged in to visit that area.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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