Greetings Valued Clients,

The Kanga Hosting Australia firewall acts to protect your site and email from intrusion. However, legitimate users can be blocked after 5 failed login attempts to cpanel, or ftp, or email.

The server regards these as intrusion attempts - ie someone trying to gain unauthorised access. Such failures are usually because of using an incorrect password, or username - and is typically what a hacker would do to try and 'guess' a password to gain access.

Typically if this occurs you will not be able to visit your website, check email etc - as the server will have banned your ip address from any server access. If this triggers the firewall, it is best to email us with your current ip address (easily found by visiting this website - and it will tell you what your current public ip address is), and asking that we remove the block on that ip address.

Friday, April 24, 2015

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