A spammer gained access to a Kanga Hosting client pop3 account yesterday, and sent out bulk email as SPAM using a genuine account.
(This was due to the Kanga Hosting client having a guessable or easy password on his pop3 email account)
This resulted in Windows Live and Symantec banning our mail server from sending mail to Windows live users.
Currently we have applied to Windows Live and Symantec to lift the ban on our server sending mail to Hotmail and Windows Live accounts.
The issue should be resolved today, hopefully.
Should you wish to send you own application it can be done at :
Kanga Hosting Australia Support department would like strongly advise all current clients to reveiw your POP3 email account passwords.
Please make sure the password you use:
1. Cannot be found in the english dictionary (ie; your son or daughters name can be guessed or found by hackers with an automated program)
2. Over 8 characters in length.
3. A mixture of upper and lower case letters with numbers.
4. Please use the password tool when creating passwords in your cPanel for email accounts. Copy and print that password and keep it.
Example of good password = HaQ#@3H7!?

TIP : Cut and Paste your passswords onto programs instead of trying to remember them.

FIREWALL LOCKOUT: Our server firewall acts to protect your site and email from intrusion. However, legitimate users can be blocked after 5 failed login attempts to cpanel, or ftp, or email/Webmail. The server regards these as intrusion attempts - ie someone trying to gain unauthorised access. Such failures are usually because of using an incorrect password, or username - and is typically what a hacker would do to try and 'guess' a password to gain access. Typically if this occurs you will not be able to visit your website, check email etc - as the server will have banned your ip address from any server access. If you trigger the firewall, you will locked out of the server for 1 hour.

We do this to protect your account from hackers!

Please review our policies here at your earliest convenience:

We reserve the right to charge the holder of the account used to send any unsolicited e-mail a clean up fee. This cost of the clean up fee is left entirely to the discretion of Kanga Hosting Australia.
Kanga Hosting Australia Support


Thursday, January 21, 2010

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